Ultraflat CCFL LightBoxes

APPEARANCESide opening of lightbox

Bright and evenly spread illumination . Thanks to the flat surface of construction and the aesthetic quality of the make our light advertisement boards fulfill their advertising, informative and decorative function.



The light and compact structure ensures that both the installation and relocation is simple. In addition a well designed closing mechanism allows for a very easy exchange of pictures or graphics.

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Material: Polished Aluminum (silver)
Frame type: Clip / Snap Frame
Glowing colour: white
Brightness: > 2500 cd / m2
Light source: CCFL Lamps
Light source lifetime: up to 30.000 h
Power source: DC 12V
Power adapter: AC 110~240V, 50~60Hz (included)
Standard formats: thickness 18 mm (all formats)


The CCFL lamps powered by a 12V current guarantee a low level of energy consumption when compared to traditional neon light board, the brightness of the picture and the even spread of light being unquestionable.


The quality of the materials used guarantees a an enhanced resistance to deformation caused by high temperatures. The source of light is based on the newest generation of CCFL lamps which guarantee that the source of light will last for up to 30.000h.