Light advertisements


Neon light is an almost 100 years old invention but it's still the only linear source of light with convertable shapes. It's glower performance remains unmatched. Whole animated constructions may be built from neons.

Neon adverts have a low power consumption which makes them more economical in use.

Neon 2

Neon signs may be used outdoor and indoor. They stand out because of vivid colours and interesting shapes. Our neons are made of pulverised/powdered or colored glass.

Light coffers LIGHT COFFERS

Light coffers highlighted from inside by a fluorescent lamp have many varieties:

  • light coffers with Plexiglas front (solid) - the most popular solution for small shapes
  • light coffers with elastic front (soft) - perfect for larger formats,
  • milled light coffers - background or logo are 3-dimentional,
  • pressed light coffers - technology used mostly in mass production,
  • plexiglas light coffers - the whole coffer made of plastics.

All light coffers may be one- or two-sided.

Light coffer

Coffers are constructed made mainly from aluminium (except those made from plexiglas). They can be installed on exisiting elevation or can function as as independent architectural from.

Highlighted letters HIGHLIGHTED LETTERS

Highlighted 3D letters can be divided into two main groups:

  • Close (plexiglas front or some vinyl material).
  • Open (without front).

3D letters may be lit up from the front, back or both front and back. Letters and signs are made from aluminum or aluminium with plastic.

Boards with halogen highlight BOARDS WITH HALOGEN HIGHLIGHT

One of the most economical forms of advertising is a flat board or billboard highlighted by regular or halogen lamps which are attached at a proper distance from the board.