Boards, banners, displays


Boards and displays are one of the simplest and the cheapest kind of outdoor and indoor advertisements. In conjuction with a good graphic design they can be perfect for a pictorial representation of your company.

There are many methods of producing adverting boards. As a base we use metal plates, PVC or Plexiglass. The graphic design may be made of solid self-adhesive foil or printed in full colour.

Board 2

Board's surface may be laminated using protective foil which is an additional protection against adverse weather contition or mechanical damages.

On request the boards may be made with 3D letters and signs made of styrodur (Mega Block system) and may be highlighted by a special spotlight.

Shop-window SHOP-WINDOWS

This form of advertising allows you to attract potential customers visiting the store, shopping centre or simply those passing by. Display window adverts are made of self-adhesive plotter foil or come in the form of self-adhesive solvent print. Very often shop window advertisements are installed from the inside and therefore protected against adverse weather conditions.

Banner 1 BANNERS

An advert banner is a perfect solution of how to adverstise when you need mobility, flexibility and a speedy assembly. Thanks to high quality materials we obtain a durable product, almost as resistant as regular boards and displays. Banners are easy to transport, install and may be used both indoor and outdoor.

Banner 2 Our banners may be made in full colour range thanks to solvent printing.Surface covered with this print is weather condition and UV resistant.